BTS and Google Celebrated ARMY’s Anniversary With A Surprise 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: ARMY and BTS have been surrounded by parties, first came the anniversary of the group’s debut and now ARMY’s most special date began with a gift that united everyone through the Google search engine.

There are different dates that are important to a K-Pop group and its fandom, for example the date of a group’s debut, the reveal of each member before their arrival on stage, the release of their lightstick and the day they the fandom of the band receives its official name.

These are very special moments that are remembered every year, so now that ARMY It was another year since the day the fandom was named that way, BTS prepared some gifts for their fans around the world.

What kind of special collaborations did the members of BTS to celebrate their fans and thank them for all the love they give them?

BTS has congratulatory messages for ARMY on their anniversary

Typing BTS in the search engine Googlethe results of the page that we already know, now included a purple heart on one of the sides, when clicking several balloons of the same color they began to appear as if they were rising towards the sky, but that was just the beginning of the surprise.

Some of the balloons are heart-shaped, which inside had a colored microphone, what happened when they burst? The drawings and messages produced by each member of Bangtan Sonyeondan appeared on screen to wish their fans a happy anniversary.

BTS and Google created a virtual gallery for ARMY from all over the world

In addition to the beautiful detail that ARMY could see when searching for the band’s name, BTS had a collaboration with Google Arts & Culture Lab’s Street Galleries. What is it about?

By accessing the link published by Google, each of the members of the K-Pop band become your guides to discover a city or a work of art that for some reason has a special meaning for them.

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