BTS announces hiatus and HYBE shares fall 3% 2022 #celebrity

BTS: After the live broadcast, BTS announced that they would be taking an indefinite break as a group and focusing on their individual activities. Not only the fandom was affected, HYBE also faced difficult times as the company’s stock took a nosedive. How much did they decrease?

The hiatus announcement BTS significantly affected the HYBE. Since the group being one of the main exponents of Korean music today, it is also the main group of the company. And his rest was reflected in the Actions of the company.

It is no secret that BTS is the most popular group in South Korea today, which has made their company one of the highest earners in the K-Pop industry.

For this reason, an announcement such as a possible separation or indefinite hiatus from the group considerably affected the company. And BTS’s announcement was heavily reflected in HYBE’s stock.

HYBE’s stock fell 3% as BTS’s hiatus was announced

After BTS announced that they would be taking a break as a group to focus on their individual activities. The Actions of HYBE went into a tailspin quickly. Since in a few hours fell 3.02%. What caused the company to seek to launch a statement.

BTS is currently the main group of HYBE and BIGHIT, in addition to being the ones that generate the most economic profits for the company. For this reason, seeing that they would take a break, the shareholders began to withdraw, for fear of having monetary losses. And this was directly reflected in the HYBE accounts. You can see the table here:

The drop is considerable in a matter of hours, which is shown from the broadcast that BTS made for their anniversary, in which they expressed how they currently feel tired and want to start a new chapter individually.

ARMY believes that HYBE released the statement about BTS’s activities for shareholders

Noticing the stock drop, HYBE was quick to share a release special in which he reported that the announcement of the members did not mean the separation of BTS nor that they would stop having activities as a group. The company assured that, although they would focus on their solo activities, BTS would simultaneously have projects as a group, so there would be no separation or hiatus.

Although ARMY thought that the statement was to reassure them, they have begun to suspect that it was a direct message to the shareholders who, after seeing that BTS would be on rest, decided to withdraw their shares from the company. What do you think about it?

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