BTS, BLACKPINK and More Nominees in K-Pop 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The upcoming edition of the VMAs could be the perfect occasion for various K-Pop groups to emerge victorious by taking one or more awards, Stray Kids, SEVENTEEN, BTS and more are competing for an award.

Awards and competitions within the world of music will begin to be more frequent as we approach the end of the year. Next August 28 will take place the delivery of the MTV VMAs 2022 and K-Pop can not miss the event.

For several years now, the South Korean music industry has been making its presence felt at international events with increasing frequency and Video Music Awards have included idols in several of their categoriesletting us see how popular they are around the world.

This year is no exception, but this time more groups and soloists from K-Pop stood out as candidates to take several awardsmaking it clear that the South Korean music industry is adding new achievements, which idols are nominees for VMAs 2022?

All the nominees for Best K-Pop at MTV VMAs 2022, who could win?

For some years now, the MTV awards have had an exclusive category for musical artists from South Korea, where female and male groups demonstrate their great impact on an international level.

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is nominated at the 2022 VMAs | Source: Instagram @lalalalisa_m

This year the candidates for this award also include a soloist, these are the nominees for Best K-Pop:

  • BTS by Yet To Come
  • ITZY because he’s crazy
  • Lisa by LALISA
  • Stray Kids by Maniac
  • TWICE by The Feels

SEVENTEEN, BLACKPINK, and BTS have the most nominations at 2022 VMAs

This year, BTS and BLACKPINK are nominated for the Metaverse Performance category, the group of HYBE compete with their collaboration with Minecraft, while the girl group of YG-Entertainment he does with his work with PUBG.

BTS is the group with the most nominations, because in addition to those already mentioned, it will compete for Best Choreography with to Dance and Best Visual Effects for My Universehis collaboration with Coldplay.

SEVENTEEN also made its way onto the list with 3 nominations, one being Best K-Pop, but they are also candidates for Best New Artist and Push Performance of the Year with Rock With You.

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