BTS Break Up? Announce Indefinite Hiatus, This Will Happen Now 2022 #celebrity

BTS: The BTS boys greeted ARMY with joy, but they gave them news that no one expected. HYBE’s K-Pop group will be able to pause their activities indefinitely.

This 2022 has been really exciting for BTS and their fans, the idols continued with the concerts of Permission to Dance On Stage and for the past few weeks they thrilled ARMY with all the preparations related to proofthe album compilation they just released.

Fans are more than happy to hear new songs, watch a new MV, and learn that the idols will be promoting on Korean TV music shows, but now that the K-Pop group has gathered for a chat with their fandom, some unexpected news. I arrive.

Once being together in front of the cameras, BTS announced that they will have a hiatus indefinite, so we won’t be seeing them as a group for a while.

BTS pauses group activities, what will they do from now on?

The interpreters of butter they just celebrated their ninth anniversary since debut, but they will close a chapter in their life and revealed that their group activities will stop for a season, but despite this ARMY will have new content, do you know why?

The members of BTS revealed that they will be using this time for individual projects in music and acting, so instead of seeing new mixtapes of the idols we could meet albums soloists and more releases of each. It was so they decided to call this new stage as Chapter 2 of BTS.

Is BTS going to disband? The group reveals when they will reunite

Since this is an indefinite pause, we cannot be certain how long the BTS hiatusbut the members assured that they will meet again once they have individually matured and experimented with their artistic careers.

So no, BTS is not disbanding and we can expect a lot of new things from these idols.

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