BTS Cameo in La Casa de Papel Korea, Did You Notice This Scene From The Drama? 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Are you already watching Money Heist: Korea? The drama just premiered on Netflix, but it immediately stole ARMY’s eyes because BTS appears in the plot, how is the cameo of K-Pop idols in the drama?

As we had told you, one of the most anticipated premieres for June 2022 in the world of dramas is La Casa de Papel, the South Korean version. Returning to the essence of the Spanish series, this production tells us a new story where mystery, crime and abction make their way.

Now, after months of waiting, Money Heist: Korea has arrived on the platform, the premiere caught the attention of many after the great impact and the end of La Casa de Papel in its original version.

However, just like many other Korean dramas have done, this new Netflix series included BTS with a special cameo from the K-Pop band.

BTS appears in La Casa de Papel Korea, a song is part of the Korean drama

The beginning of the drama is focused on introducing us to the main characters, who bear the names of different cities just like in the original series, only that each one has different stories from the ones we already know.

One of the girls we see on screen is the character of Tokyo, who we know comes from North Korea, but surprisingly appears on screen while DNA of BTS sounds adding force to the scene.

BTS fandom is represented in Money Heist: Korea, Tokyo is ARMY

In the Tokyo introduction scene, we see the actress Jun Jong Seo dancing DNA, but the character also declares herself as an ARMY, as she admits that she has always consumed music and dramas from South Korea, so it was inevitable that she would become part of the fandom.

In addition, it is also mentioned that in the world of drama, BTS will hold a concert in North Korea and it is even reported that the tickets are already sold out due to their popularity.

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