BTS Conquered An Actress From The Cast of Money Heist: Korea 2022 #Celebrity

Money Heist: Korea: Have you seen Money Heist Korea yet? BTS appears in a very special way, the Dynamite performers were previously part of the cast’s playlist and an actress from the drama confessed to being a fan of the K-Pop group. We tell you what she said she about them.

South Korean entertainment has gained amazing popularity in recent, several K-dramas and K-Pop groups have triumphed around the world and today they are easily recognizable everywhere.

BTS is the most famous musical group of the moment and the HYBE band has also made its way into the dramasthat’s why we recently saw them be part of Money Heist: Korea with its music and special mentions in one of the episodes.

Although we already know that in the script of the drama there is a character who is ARMY within the cast we also find a fan of BTS.

BTS was already part of Jeon Jong Seo’s life before Money Heist Korea

After Jeon Jong Seo bring Tokyo to life in history and appear dancing to the rhythm of DNA while making her introduction in the drama and telling us that the character was a fan of BTS, it was inevitable that the actress would be asked about this moment in the series of Netflix.

She confessed that she actually likes BTS a lot, so knowing that she would have to dance to a song by this K-Pop band, she worked hard to do it correctly, watched a lot of the idols’ videos and practiced simultaneously.

What was it like playing a BTS fan in the drama? Jeon Jong Seo shares details

Although Jeong Jong Seo enjoys idol songs a lot, but being a fan of BTS in real life made her feel quite shy when playing an ARMY, which was a challenge when it came to meeting expectations according to the script.

But even though she felt a little embarrassed acting like this on screen, she confessed that she did her best to make the scenes look great, putting aside any trace of shyness when filming began.

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