BTS Described The Group’s Distant Future in Seven Words 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Following the announcement of their indefinite break from group activities, the members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have continued to surprise ARMY with more material from the entire group. On this occasion, they released an interview in which they discussed various topics, including the future of BTS.

BTS recently talked about how they look in a distant futurecompletely simplifying your opinion in seven words, with a short but touching sentence. This was mentioned for his most recent interview and it warmed the hearts of ARMYs.

BTS fans are still slightly affected by the break that BTS decided to take from their group activities to focus entirely as solo artists. Although since the announcement the group has continued to deliver material together, the members have sought ways to reassure ARMY with words of support.

For that reason, the group has constantly shared what their future plans and thoughts are for BTS. Endearing their fans with sweet words while assuring them that there will still be a lot of BTS in the future.

Each member of BTS spoke about the future of the group

In their most recent interview for 77Q 77A, on their official BangtanTV channel, the members of BTS were asked what the future plans were for the group and they had to answer in seven words. Each member’s response moved their followers.

The first to share his vision for the future of BTS was taehyungwho mentioned that even though they were old, they would still be young, assuring that no matter how much time passed they would still enjoy their youth. Jungkook He mentioned that the time is yet to come. Jimin He mentioned to the fans that they shouldn’t worry about them, as surely everyone has their own concerns and should focus on their life.

On the other hand, J-Hope mentioned ‘Come on, BTS run’ as one of the titles of their new songs. J-Hope mentioned that this phrase is significant for the group as they have used it for a long time and it represents them. Suga He mentioned that whatever happens will be fine, ensuring that they will stay with ARMY as long as necessary, although he does not know what will happen in the future, they will enjoy the time they will continue together.

Jin He said that Bangtan is middle-aged and old people, referring to the fact that they were young when they started their career and now they are adults and that probably when they are older they will still be the same. Lastly, the leader MR mentioned that they expect them to be cool kids in their 30s,

ARMY praised the brotherhood and affection of BTS members

After the words that each of the members of BTS mentioned in the interview, their fans did not hide how moved they felt by all the affection that each one feels towards the group. In addition to mentioning that they were a real family and that all the love they have for each other causes them to soften on the verge of tears. Ensuring that BTS demonstrates a genuine and sincere friendship. Without a doubt, his words are moving.

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