BTS Does Not Break Up, HYBE Clarifies What Will Happen To The Group 2022 #celebrity

BTS: After BTS’s anniversary dinner in which the members announced that they will begin to focus on their solo activities, ARMY was concerned to learn that they would go on hiatus, even thought that they could separate. The news spread around the world and it didn’t take long for HYBE to clarify the situation and ensure that the group is not planning to go on hiatus.

BTS worried ARMY in one of his last live broadcasts. When for their anniversary they began to talk about how difficult it had been to work tirelessly these 9 years and expressed their desire to rest and focus on their solo careers. What scared ARMY thinking that it was the separation of the group. Nevertheless, HYBE assured that BTS is far from disbanding.

The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan want to know each other more as people, on an individual level. Thus he expressed in a letter V, where he mentioned that he himself had abandoned the ‘I’ of him to work for the ‘we’. For this reason, members now want to get to know each other better personally with individual projects.

Although this announcement made their fans think that they were announcing their separation or an indefinite hiatus from their activities as a group, HYBE wasted no time in releasing a statement assuring that these rumors were lies. What did the company say?

HYBE reported that BTS will not be disbanding or going on hiatus

Through a statement sent by the CEO of HYBE, Park Ji Won, reported that rumors that BTS plans to disband or leave hiatus were lies and that the words of the members of the group had been misinterpreted by outsiders.

He also assured that the group’s message of wanting to take a break from their activities does not mean that they will do so completely and will no longer be involved with projects that are related to the seven members. Ensuring that BTS is not in the process of break awayThey haven’t even thought about doing it. With this statement, he seeks that the group’s fans have a clear answer about the future of BTS as a grouping.

BTS will work solo and as a group simultaneously, HYBE mentioned.

On the other hand, the CEO of HYBE added that just because BTS starts working on their solo careers, it does not mean that they will stop their activities as a group. He assured that the scope of their activities will be expanded so that they can dedicate themselves to their personal growth, without neglecting BTS projects. Ensuring that this will give them the opportunity to grow and take a leap as artists.

Park Ji Won, the CEO of HYBE, assured that the group activities and its solo projects they will work from simultaneously, So BTS will not have an indefinite hiatus or a separation. Information that, although it made some ARMY happy, also worried another sector, which has doubts about whether the company will not put a greater burden on the members who have expressed their desire to rest for a while. What’s your opinion about it?

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