BTS Dynamite, Best Looks They Used in This Era 2022 #Celebrity

Each BTS comeback has a vibe and style that characterizes it, not only in terms of sound but also the concept that the idols capture in the MV and their presentations, Dynamite goes hand in hand with a dose of color and these group outfits show.

In September 2020, BTS He surprised his fans with a song that everyone was waiting for. Dynamite It came to give joy and good spirits even in difficult times, but in addition to its great rhythm and unparalleled choreography, the MV included great color.

While the retro vibe was part of this musical era, the diversity of colors and tonalities is undoubtedly an element that gained great strength in the presentations of K-Pop idols and that was also seen in the fashion that they carried

Below we invite you to remember several of the BTS outfits that they used in the Dynamite era, they all have a powerful dose of color.

Looks of BTS in Dynamite that we remember for its diversity of colors

Let’s start with one of the most iconic outfits, the idols wore vintage vibe looks within the MV and these colorful outfits are unforgettable.

The boys made multiple performances of this song, but surely you remember when they sang The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon and even wore roller skates, their outfits have the ideal dose of color.

  • American Music Awards 2020

At that time, the idols filmed performances for various international shows and awards, although they were pre-recorded, they put a lot of effort and paid special attention to looks like these:

Another pre-recorded performance was the one they enlisted for the 2021 Grammy Awards, the idols wore very different outfits, some with warm tones and others very dark.

For their participation in this event, the idols combined shades of yellow, blue and white, Suga could not be present but the idols impressed with their looks.

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