BTS In The Soop House on Airbnb, Price and How To Rent it 2022 #Celebrity

If you watched the episodes of BTS In The Soop, surely you already perfectly recognize the house where the HYBE idols spent several days resting, would you like to visit it? This residence is for rent, so we tell you how much it costs to stay there.

Commemorating the release of the second season of BTS In The Soopa unique opportunity appeared for ARMY, but also for all those who seek to enjoy a relaxed moment surrounded by nature.

Would you like to live an experience similar to the one BTS had during this reality show? Now that is possible, because the House that the K-Pop idols used in this program will be available to a few lucky ones and here we have the details of the accommodation.

A special event arrives in honor of the anniversary of BTS In The Soop 2 and two lucky ones will be able to stay in the house that the idols used during the filming, but they will also be able to carry out many of the activities that these singers showed in front of the cameras.

BTS In The Soop 2: How much does it cost to stay in the reality show house?

The luxury house is located in Pyeongchang, Kangwon-do, in fact there are several residences similar to this one that share amazing views while being surrounded by trees and reconnecting with nature.

The cost for him lodging it is only 7 dollars and the guests will cover the rest of the expenses corresponding to other requests that they require during their stay, but why is it so cheap to rent the house?

How to rent BTS In The Soop’s house? The process is very simple

The luxury houses in the area, including the one used by the BTS boys, will be available for rent through Airbnb for a season, as they will be part of a special event in the lodging app.

The reservations will start on August 2 and there are already many interested in renting them, including fans of the band k pop and his reality show. The reason that the rent is so cheap is because it is a special promotion, for which only one lucky person will be chosen as the winner, but they will be able to take a companion on this adventure.

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