BTS in The White House Stars in Joe Biden’s Most Popular Tweet

BTS: When it was reported that the members of BTS would meet with President Joe Biden, fans around the world kept an eye on the news, so a tweet from the political leader caused a sensation.

Just a few days ago, BTS traveled to the United States to meet the President of the United States of Americabut they were also invited to the White House where they would have a conversation about the importance of Asian representation.

This event gave much to talk about and also converted BTS in the first K-Pop group to visit the place, but even after the meeting, the combination of the idols and Joe Biden continues to leave a mark.

The posts on social networks continue to show us more details of how the experience resulting from this meeting was, since it also gave rise to the tweet with more interactions from the president.

Joe Biden’s most popular tweet came after his meeting with BTS at the White House

Among the multiple official publications of the meeting, the account of the President of the United States of America shared a tweet on May 31 where he pointed out how nice it was to meet BTS with such an important reason.

The post already has more than 405,000 retweets and 997,000 likes, but it also exceeds 15 responses, making it the most popular tweet on the profile since Joe Biden took office.

RM wants his mom to know about the compliment they received from Joe Biden

Recently, more moments of BTS’s visit to the White House and one that gained great popularity was when Joe Biden lets the idols know that he knows very well the work they have done, not only singing and gaining popularity but also carrying an important message everywhere.

When the political leader told them that he is a president who appreciates them, the reactions were immediate and that is why RM did not hesitate to point out:

Wow…I have to tell my mom

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