BTS is The Artist With The Most Views in YouTube History 2022 #Celebrity

The South Korean group Bangtan Sonyeondan continue to demonstrate their great popularity on a constant basis. This time, beating singers like Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift on Youtube. The group is now the artist with the highest number of views on Youtube. How many do they have in total?

BTS got a new achievement in Youtube. On this occasion, for the cumulative total of the views in all their videos and became the group most viewed in the history of the platform, a great achievement that only BTS could achieve.

ARMY continues to marvel at each of the achievements of Bangtan Sonyeondan, the South Korean group consistently dominates all kinds of charts and stands out on music platforms. His new achievement was obtained in Youtube and it was thanks to the unconditional support of ARMY.

BTS He is currently on a break from group activities, and the members have begun to focus on their individual careers as they prepare shows and new music to surprise their fans. In addition to that, during the month of October they will give a concert in Busan and make a song for the World Cup in Qatar.

BTS exceeds 26 thousand 700 million accumulated views on YouTube and obtains achievement

A recent study showed that the South Korean group BTS is the artist with the highest number of views on Youtube. Obtaining a total of 26 thousand 737.2 million views, sum of the views of all his videos on the platform.

With this achievement, BTS It surpassed Justin Bieber who has 26.732 million, Ed Sheeran who has 26.169 million, Bad Bunny with 24.677 million and Taylor Swift who has a total of 23.348 million views on the platform. You can see the table of cumulative views here:

Several BTS videos exceed 1.5 billion views on YouTube

On the other hand, many of BTS’ music videos exceed 1 billion views. A clear example is dynamite which has a total of 1,540,633,800 views and Boy With Luv with 1,565,364,314 views. Without a doubt, the group has shown that their videos are very popular and loved by the public. Which of all the BTS videos is your favorite?

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