BTS Jungkook Fancams During PTD On Stage Tour 2022 #Celebrity

Do you miss seeing BTS in concert? Don’t worry, these Jungkook fancams will take you to relive the excitement of the K-Pop group’s tours, all while seeing the way the idol projects his energy while singing and dancing.

It’s been a while since the members of BTS toured several countries with a world tour, the last one had to be postponed, but fortunately only a few months ago the idols were reunited with fans with their concerts of Permission To Dance On Stage.

The shows of PTD On-Stage They arrived in several American cities, Las Vegas being one of them, in the same way the K-Pop idols appeared in a stadium in Seoul and for several days they made ARMY dance.

All members of BTS put their effort and hard work to make the concerts a success and fulfilled their mission, but some fancams of Jungkook stole the attention of ARMYthat’s why they have been seen and commented on over and over again.

Best videos of Jungkook at Permission To Dance On Stage concerts

This is undoubtedly one of ARMY’s favorite songs and that catapulted the group to international fame, with its good rhythm it is not a surprise that Jungkook gives himself totally to the stage while they present it.

If it is about artistic performances, Black Swan is one of them and its choreography excites the fans to the fullest, as we can see another facet of the idols’ dance.

Jungkook’s dance steps in this song are capable of stealing sighs, but also during the PTD On Stage concerts, Jungkook even showed off his muscles with his costume.

This track could not be left out of the list, as it is a melody that made all the venues where BTS performed with these exciting concerts vibrate.

The best is always for last, a song that the fans sang with energy when the show was about to end was Permission To Dance, with a freer style and walking around the stage, Jungkook showed off to the fullest.

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