BTS Might Have Special Permits During Their Military Service 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The South Korean Minister of National Defense shared one of the possibilities they are discussing regarding BTS’s military service, what will the special permission that idols would receive allow them?

Due to the age of the members of BTS, several of the members are approaching the time when they should enlist to the army and fulfill their duty as citizens of South Korea, but there have been proposals for some time about exceptions or alternatives that could occur with the idols.

The boys from BTS they have stated that they will enlist according to the law, but due to the changes that this could generate in the promotions of the group and its impact on areas such as the Korean economy, options have been discussed several times that until now remain as proposals.

Now, the South Korean Minister of National Defense voiced a new possibility that could suit BTS members well as these K-Pop idols fulfill their military serviceWhat is it about?

BTS members would have permission for rehearsals and presentations

At a recent meeting of the national assembly, the issue of BTS military service came to light and Minister Lee Jong Sup was asked if a decision had been made regarding the exemption that had been discussed earlier.

The minister took the floor and, without directly denying it, pointed out that they would find a way for idols to carry out some activities without affecting the performance of their duty in the army:

The Ministry of National Defense has concluded that the department can help them practice and act for national achievement without violating the principles of justice and equality.

When will BTS go to military service? What we know about his enlistment

As you probably already know, the boys of BTS legally postponed their military service through the amendment to the law that was made just last year, in this way, they should fulfill their duty when they reach the age of 30 years

Accordingly, everything seems to indicate that Jin would enlist at the end of 2022, however, no announcement has yet been made in this regard and we could be in for a surprise, what will really happen?

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