BTS premiered a new promo for Samsung Galaxy Unpack 2022 #Celebrity

Samsung released a new advertising campaign for Galaxy Unpack, which stars members of Bangtan Sonyeondan. In the one-minute publicity video, the group appears showing off the new phone color along with one of their most recent songs: Yet to Come.

BTS is the protagonist of the new advertising campaign for Samsung Galaxy Unpackwhere they promote the new cover design and color: BoraPurple. A color that has great meaning for the group.

ARMY is very happy with the new advertisement that BTS launched for Samsung. Being purple the main color of this campaign and to promote the new color and design for Samsung Galaxy, the commercial video was very well received by each one of its followers.

BTS’s promotional video for Samsung is inspired by Yet to Come

This morning fans were excited to see the new advertisement that BTS released for Samsung Galaxy Unpackin which they promote the new cover color: BoraPurplea color that every ARMY will want to have.

In the advertisement, the members of BTS in a scenario very similar to that of his most recent video: Yet To Come, where fragments of the song can also be heard in the background while they show the cell phone with the new design, in addition to playing in different scenarios. you can see the commercial here:

#SamsungxBTS will have a special event for New York ARMY

In addition to that, Samsung will have a promotional event in New York that will last from August 11 to 31 and which fans can attend to have a new GalaxyxBTS experience, it is even mentioned that ARMY will have a special surprise when attending. Will they be giving away BTS merchandise? Without a doubt, it is an event that causes a lot of expectation among the fans.

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