BTS Promotes Tourism in Malta With Episodes of Bon Voyage 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Every place that is visited by the members of BTS adds great attraction as soon as ARMY finds out where it is, so it is not a surprise that the idols of this K-Pop band have a great impact on tourism, but that also happens outside from South Korea and here we tell you why.

Surely you have already heard about how popular the places that BTS visits become, many want to have a photo in the same place as the members of the group, know a little more about their interests or simply experience the same as them while discovering new places.

It happened when Jimin He was on vacation in Jeju and everyone wanted to recreate his photos, so a mural was created in his honor and a tour to see the places where he was. Likewise, the art galleries and libraries to which MR attends have also stolen the looks of ARMYs in Korea, but these are just some of the many cases where this situation has occurred.

But BTS not only has an impact on the sightseeing in South Korea with this type of action, since it was recently revealed that there is a site abroad that many ARMYs visit today, can you imagine where it is?

BTS and Bon Voyage motivate ARMY to visit Malta and enjoy its charm

Surely you remember that BTS filmed a reality show called Good Voyagein each season the K-Pop idols visited a place unknown to them, so they experienced the life of a tourist. malt It was one of the chosen destinations and his visit left a great mark.

Recently a Korean YouTuber came to this European country and the guide of tourists He told him that there was a before and after from the visit of the BTS boys, because now many people come looking for the places where the members of the group were, no matter what site it is.

Jin’s popularity helped transform a gift shop in Malta

According to the tour guide, one of the places where we can see the greatest impact caused by the idols of Bangtan Sonyeondan It is the store where we saw Jin buying a chain, the idol entered there with curiosity despite being a small place and not so attractive, but after that the place did not stop receiving new customers.

Apparently the sales increased so much that they went from having very little income to being able to remodel the site. OMG!

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