BTS Returned to M Countdown, This is How Their Presentations Were Seen 2022 #Celebrity

BTS has returned to Korean music shows with their new album Proof. In their most recent appearance, they performed on Mnet’s M Countdown with two of their new songs: Yet to Come and For Youth, completely captivating the entire audience and their fans.

BTS Return to M Countdown with Yet to Come and For Youth, songs from his new compilation album called proof. The members performed on a grand stage, warming the hearts of ARMYs in their home country.

After almost two years without appearing on music shows, BTS finally got back to their roots, appearing on various Korean shows known for featuring K-Pop groups with their debuts or new songs.

ARMYs couldn’t be more excited to relive the old days, with many raving about waking up early to watch music shows and consistently voting for their favorite group to take home the show’s award.

BTS performed Yet to Come and For Youth on a big stage at M Countdown

During their performance at M Countdown, BTS appeared on a large stage, where thousands of ARMYs gathered to support and finally be able to shout and sing fanchants for the group. During Permission to Dance in Seoul, fans were not allowed to speak during the concert, but this time they were allowed to sing along with BTS.

In Yet to Come, the presentation began with Suga playing the initial chords on the piano, while a stage full of vintage spotlights surrounded the boys, giving the performance a golden hue. As ARMYs waved their lightsticks in the background enthusiastically for their favorite artists. You can see the presentation here:

In the case of ForYouth, used a different wardrobe and presented it standing up. At the beginning of this presentation, ARMY sang the opening chords of the song and shouted with excitement as the stage with the BTS logo lit up. You can see the presentation here:

BTS took first place in M ​​Countdown for Yet to Come

On the show, BTS competed with Yet to Come against SEVENTEEN’s HOT in the final part of the votes and got the first place. Making this the second win for Yet to Come. The group did not perform on the live broadcast and their performances were pre-recorded, so they were unable to give an acceptance speech for their award. You can see the moment they won here:

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