BTS Reunited With Coldplay on Their Trip To The United States

BTS: In recent years, Coldplay and BTS have proven to have a great friendship. In addition to their collaboration with Universe, the artists have been seen together on several occasions, hanging out and having a good time. Their most recent meeting was during BTS’s last visit to the United States, where they went out to dinner together.

BTS and Coldplay met at diner and coexist now that BTS was in the United States. The idols, in addition to hanging out with HER, also made time to enjoy dinner at an Italian restaurant with Coldplay.

Fans around the world couldn’t hide their excitement after seeing J-Hope’s stories, in which the members were reunited with different celebrities from the United States. The one that caught the most attention was his dinner with Coldplay. With whom they enjoyed a pleasant chat in an Italian restaurant.

BTS and Coldplay met for dinner in Washington DC

Through various stories on Instagram, J-Hope revealed that BTS had met Coldplay for dinner on their last visit to the United States. Evidencing the great friendship and esteem that they have between both groups.

In his story, a friendly atmosphere can be noticed as Chris Martin chats animatedly with RM in the background. In the same stories they were sharing photos of the food and desserts they decided to eat at the Italian restaurant where they met. You can see one of their stories here:

Chris Martin proved to be a true fan of BTS with the clothes he wore at dinner with the group

At BTS’s meeting with Coldplay, many fans discovered that Chris Martin was wearing merchandise from the group that is super rare to get. It was the limited edition Good Day pajamas designed by Jin. Which only few fans in the world managed to achieve. One of them was Chris Martin. They sure had a great time.

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