BTS RM Getting Married? BigHit Responds To Wedding Rumors 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The company that represents BTS was quick to respond to rumors that the group’s leader would be getting married soon. We tell you how the suspicions began.

Recently, a wide-ranging online community for Korean-American users turned heads after a conversation on that site allegedly pointed out that RM of BTS is getting married.

The rumor gained a lot of traction and reached other platforms, so it soon appeared on a YouTube channel that informed fans and netizens about the plans of the idol of K-Pop according to the aforementioned publication.

What happened after that? Here we tell you how it is that the rumor was strengthened and the response that BigHit said about it.

RM’s alleged wedding, how did the rumor come about and why did it gain traction?

The online community where the information of a chat was shared where it is said that namjoon is planning a wedding with his alleged girlfriend, has been the site where other romantic rumors were born and then confirmed, one of them being the marriage by Seo Taiji.

I got a news from a good friend of mine and Hoobae, who is 7 years younger than me, who is getting married to RM. She graduated from a prestigious school and her family is doing well too

This is how the suspicions gained strength and became widely known, but while this began to grow, BigHit was already preparing a response that would put an end to this matter.

BTS’s RM doesn’t plan to get married, BigHit denies idol wedding rumors

Through one of the representatives of the entertainment company, the position of Big Hit Entertainment and his reaction to the rumors that continued to gain strength, which is why he directly denied that the message posted online is true:

The rumors are not true

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