BTS shines on Proof Live Stage, Everything That Happened on The Show 2022 #celebrity

BTS: June is the month of BTS and the idols of BigHit spoiled the fans with a musical performance that was broadcast live. The K-Pop band sang and made ARMY happy with very special messages on their anniversary day.

As you know, every year these singers hold a special celebration during the month of June, on the 13th they commemorate their K-Pop debut and prepare many surprises for the fans with the PARTY. But this year the excitement increased because it’s also comeback season and they just released their album. proof.

The compilation album leads us to remember tracks from different moments of BTS’s career, but also the idols prepared new melodies that ARMY is loving

To celebrate their debut day and the support they have received from their fans, the group held a mini concert titled Proof Live Stagewhat happened in this show BTS ?

BTS sings and gives messages to ARMY with a special on their anniversary day

The idols began this show with an emotional performance accompanied by a live band. The first song was born-singer and the idols showed off their vocal ability through the verses. Yet To Come could not be left out of the performance and all the fans showed their joy at hearing this track.

In the midst of conversations and talks between the idols, J Hope shared that as a group, they decided that they didn’t want to be artists that always stay the same and do the same thing over and over again, but rather wanted to evolve and try new things, but further stated:

BTS is nothing without our fans, Army

The band members closed the mini-concert by performing the song ForYouthbut it should also be noted that they had a special guest on the show and it was the artist Anderson Paak.

Taehyung surprised fans with a V Live at the time of Proof Live Stage

For a few days the schedule for Proof Live Stage had been announced, so ARMY had everything planned to see the show. However, it caught everyone off guard taehyung started doing a live broadcast at the same time, so many fans had to divide their attention. oops!

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