BTS Showcases Their Shoes at Put On Your Red Shoes, An Exhibition 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: If you’d like to see some of the BTS boys’ belongings in person, then you’ll love the exhibit we’re telling you about today. The idols collaborated on Put On Your Red Shoes and here we tell you what items will be on display.

Previously we have told you about several occasions when K-Pop idols and performers of butter they have become connected with museums, art and exhibitions. Sometimes even artists inspire works of art in BTS But this time it’s something a little different.

It was recently revealed that BTS will be part of a exhibition that brings together articles from great music stars, current and past decades.

What will be seen in the exhibition are only personal and collectible items that have become iconic, but it is not just any object, but specifically shoes. QUE?

What is Put On Your Red Shoes about? BTS is part of this original exhibition

the display Put On Your Red Shoes brings together pieces of footwear from very prominent figures in music, some will be from current artists such as BTS and Beyonce while we will also find shoes from ABBA, Elvis Presley and more.

The goal is not only to allow the public to observe these shoes directly, but to make the connection between shoes, identity and music visible.

BTS will be at Put On Your Red Shoes, where and when is the exhibition?

We know that you surely want to visit this exposition and in fact it started recently, since its inauguration was on June 28, however for now it is in the Schoenenkwartier Museum, which is located in the Netherlands.

Would you like Put On Your Red Shoes to reach other countries like Mexico and all of Latin America? It would surely bring together many music fans.

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