BTS Shows Rehearsals And What You Didn’t Wear Of Butter At Grammy Awards 2022 #celebrity

Grammy Awards 2022: BTS: Getting everything ready for the Grammy Awards was not easy at all, the members of BTS faced complications and challenges that they had to overcome through their work, but the reward was to shine on a big stage.

ARMY couldn’t be more proud of the job these K-Pop idols did when they performed at the GRAMMYs 2022but to achieve the most talked about performance of the night, the boys had to overcome every challenge that was in front of them, how complicated was it to prepare for the show?

Recently, BTS shared a new vlog on the BANGTANTV channel and this time they take us back to the difficulties they had before the award show in the United States, so you can find out what you didn’t see about BTS’s performance. butter.

The clip shows us from the essays in Korea, his trip to the American continent, the last adjustments before going on stage and the reactions of the idols of BTS when they see his presentation.

BTS couldn’t rehearse as a team before the 2022 Grammy Awards

As you surely remember, some time before the gala, some members fell ill and had to remain in quarantine, that is why BTS could not rehearse with all its members and in the clip their positions are temporarily occupied by other dancers.

Jin He also does not appear in the first practices because, although he had memorized the choreography, he had a surgery that prevented him from following in the footsteps of his companions, so it was until the last moment that all the members of the band k pop were able to meet on stage with the last rehearsals before the Grammy Awards 2022.

BTS Overcame Their Worries By Singing Butter At The GRAMMYs

The boys shared that they felt very nervous about Butter’s performance, as they couldn’t prepare it as planned and they were worried about how everything would turn out, but it wasn’t until they finished singing that they could feel more relaxed.

In the end they confessed that there were some mistakes and that their performance in rehearsals had been better, but ARMY knows that they did a great job and best of all, they had fun on stage.

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