BTS Songs to Remember The Early Years of The Group 2022 #Celebrity

Since Bangtan Sonyeondan’s debut, they have surprised their fans with powerful beats and lyrics charged with social criticism, acceptance, and self-love. However, the songs from their first albums always generate a different feeling among the fans. These are some of the best.

BTS is one of the most popular Korean groups in the world today and throughout their career they have sought to try new styles while staying true to talking about social issues and self-love. These are some songs to remember his first years in the industry.

ARMY is very proud of all of BTS’ achievements as an artist. Since their debut, the group has stayed true to their mission of creating music that speaks to important issues and inspires their fans, and here are some songs from the group’s early years that are perfect for remembering how they got started.

BTS songs from their early years in the music world

The group’s debut song, a melody with a rough style in which the members showed their talent for rapping and showed that they would come out strong ready to break all kinds of stereotypes. A song that you can repeat endless times without getting tired.

A very popular ballad among fans, belonging to their second album. In this song the members show off their rapping skills and in the chorus they show off their vocals with a melody that all fans to date absolutely love.

This song from the first album gained a lot of strength when ARMY decided to create a trend on TikTok, which BTS himself later joined, replicating the challenge. A sweet song that you will love to listen to all day.

With this song BTS It caught a lot of attention from K-Pop fans. A powerful melody with an enviable rap. In addition to having a choreography that fans wanted to replicate. The song talks about how they pursue their dreams in a society where hypocrisy and self-doubt abound but they will face anything that plans to attack them fearlessly.

This song has one of the most powerful messages from BTS where he talks about how adults put questionable pressure on students, while demanding that they be perfect and sometimes forgetting that they are still children and human. He talks about how this pressure affects the mental health of young people. Which is your favorite?

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