BTS songs with cameos in K-Dramas, Do You Remember These Scenes? 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Nothing better than the moments when K-Pop and Korean dramas come together, BTS has appeared in many series that decided to include the idols’ songs in scenes that became iconic and today we remember some of them.

The stories of the K-dramas that are developed in the current time, usually include elements that reflect real trends, that includes fashionable clothes, the latest phones and of course, the songs that are trending these days.

That is why many stories of korean dramas have decided to include the members of BTS in one way or another, sometimes we see posters of the idols in the episodes, some of them are mentioned or we even hear their most popular songs.

It is not about OST performed by the members of this K-Pop band, but about cameos of the BTS melodies that appear in unmistakable scenes, have you already thought of such a moment? Watch this ranking that you will love

BTS was part of these Korean dramas with their most successful songs

When Park Seo Joon’s character fights again, the song that accompanies his entrance in front of the fans is nothing more and nothing less than Fire by BTS.

Let’s continue with one of the most recent cameos, Netflix has just released the Korean version of La Casa de Papel and Tokyo is ARMY, so we see her dance to the rhythm of DNA while the song appears in the plot

Boy In Luv is played briefly in this K-Drama, because when the president of a company looks for the gifts that the girls want the most, his secretary does not hesitate to mention Bangtan Sonyeondan and even explains what idols do.

In this drama it is not a BTS song that appears, but two of them. At a meeting of the company’s workers, one of them decides to raise the atmosphere and does so accompanied by tracks like Blood Sweat and Tears and Dynamite.

In one of the episodes, Hye Joon goes with his friends to a karaoke and the song we hear him perform is tomorrow.

During a dance competition, we see one of the characters show his skills while everyone he knows is unaware of this hobby of his, one of the songs he dances to is dope.

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