BTS Sparks Proof Theories With Door Version Concept Photos

BTS: Have you seen all the photo shoots that BTS revealed for Proof? ARMY does not miss any details and the Door version conceptual images aroused new theories of the new album, what mysteries are behind the images?

Less and less to go proof be officially released, but while that happens the boys of BTS continue to release exciting teasers. Previously they published several sets of images corresponding to the conceptual photos of album did you see them in detail?

First, two sets corresponding to the Proof version were released, but then followed by three different photo collections that are part of the Door version, where we see details of light that were not present before.

In Door version, we first saw full body shots and then portrait style shots were released and that’s where the new theories came out.

Do Proof from BTS and Smeraldo have a special connection?

In the individual photograph of taehyungthe idol appears with a metal accessory between his lips and appears to be in the shape of a flower.

It was then that many fans pointed out that it could be a reappearance of the emerald flower that has accompanied the career of the K-Pop band and theories of the BTS Universe, so if so, we could see more of the story of the flower reflected in this new musical era

The flower BTS’s V is wearing in the Proof photos might not be what you imagine

Although the appearance of an item in the shape of a flower It did not go unnoticed, it seems that this piece could have an even more powerful meaning within the Proof era and its origin with the phrase of the group We Are Bullet Proof.

Some fans think that the flower could actually be an expanding bullet that looks like a flower, this idea ties in perfectly with what we’ve already seen of the Proof concept and the message behind the first images for this album.

The fact that v If they were to carry said article between their lips, they could show that ‘attacks’ and ‘challenges’ no longer represent a determining difficulty for them, but rather something they know how to handle perfectly. What do you think of this possibility?

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