BTS Suga Collaborations With Other Famous Artists 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: In addition to being a skilled rapper and dancer within BTS, Suga is an amazing songwriter and producer. This artist has collaborated with other singers while showing all the musical facets of him.

As you know, each of the BTS members possesses unique abilities, but all of them have been involved in creating their songs developing skills that make them very complete and talented artists who never fail to surprise us.

Suga is one of the members of the K-Pop group that from the beginning showed interest in composing and producing songs, since before debuting as an idol he already created music to perform it.

Now what Yoongi is a true star, not only participates in the creation of songs for BTS or his solo career, but he has also released collaborations along with very popular singers inside and outside of Korea, here are some of them.

Songs where Suga collaborated as a rapper, songwriter or producer

Suga recently worked together with UI in a melody that conquered the hearts of ARMY, Eight has a soft melody but it perfectly complements Suga’s rap, this boy was also the producer of the track.

It is Suga’s most recent collaboration and it was with the popular singer PSY again the BTS member produced the song and also collaborated with the lyrics, but as if that were not enough, he appeared in the MV.

suga and suran they have worked on several melodies together, the rapper produced the melody Wine which is performed by this singer, but then both joined their voices in So Far Away.

This song is performed by the BTS member and Lee SoraIn addition to lending his voice to this project, Yoongi contributed a bit to the lyrics of the emotional melody.

Although BTS worked together with haley in Boy With Luv, the interpreter of Dawchwitta also has a separate melody with this girl, it is Suga’s Interlude, a melody that was part of the Maniac album.

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