BTS Suga Visited His Old School in Daegu, Where Did He Study? 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: Recently, Suga surprised his fans with a very peculiar set of photos, the idol left the recording studios, traveled outside of Seoul and reconnected with the places where he used to spend time in Daegu.

As you know, each of the members of BTS has been working on individual projects and little by little we get to see a bit of them, however, the boys are also enjoying some free time and that’s why Suga went on an adventure.

The interpreter of Daechwita He had updated his Instagram account a few days ago, but he made all the fans of BTS when he returns with new images and this time he reveals to us what he has been doing.

It was thus that the K-Pop idol announced that he made a trip to Daegu, the site from which it originates. Taking advantage of the occasion, he attended some of the schools where he spent several years of his life.

Suga remembers his school days touring his elementary and high school

If you ever wondered at where suga study, he himself gives you a look at his former elementary school: Daegu Daejeon Elementary School. In addition, he did not hesitate to refer to a sign at the entrance where he points out that first and before anything else, we must greet each other. AWW!

The high school to which Yoongi of BTS attended is Gwaneum Middle School, so during this trip the idol also visited that place remembering the times he spent there.

What is Suga from BTS currently doing? your album is coming

For now, it is known that this idol will release a solo album and is in the middle of preparations. According to the announcement of BigHitthe record material of this boy will be the next that we will know after the successful project of J-Hope with Jack In The Box.

There are still no details about the release date or the concept that the rapper will handle, but it will be a matter of time before everything is revealed.

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