BTS Suga Wears A Necklace His Mom Gave Him, What Does it Mean?

BTS: Did you manage to recognize the necklace Suga wore when BTS traveled to America? Find out how long he’s had it, why it’s valuable to him, and what that K-Pop idol’s unmistakable accessory means.

Just a few days ago, members of BTS traveled to USA to meet with President Joe Biden at the White House, the idols turned heads from their arrival at Incheon airport, throughout the meeting with the political leader, their encounter with the media, and more.

These K-Pop singers are already back in South Korea, but one detail has not stopped moving ARMY and it is the necklace that Suga behaved when the band was just heading to Washington.

Wearing her long hair and an outfit of light-colored clothes, Yoongi He moved fans of BTS, but something that did not go unnoticed is the peculiar necklace he was wearing.

Suga keeps the necklace his mom gave him along with a message for his debut

The item that Suga wore on his neck drew attention because it is a piece known to fans, this necklace was worn since his debut days and it was also a gift that his mother gave him when he was preparing to be a star. of k pop.

Their breast Not only did he give her the necklace, but he also told her that he could make all her dreams come true, so this pendant is really meaningful to him. rapper.

Dzi, the necklace BTS Suga wears has a spiritual meaning famous in Asia

In addition to the personal meaning that the necklace may have for Yoongi due to the fact that it was a gift from a very dear person, this item has a special value due to its origin and is very popular in Asia.

The bead it carries is called Dzi and can be found in regions of Tibet and other parts of Asia, but it is highly valued because it is considered to have a spiritual benefit, which would allow it to attract positive energies and ward off negative ones.

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