BTS Surprised ARMY With Gifts at Their Music Bank Reunion

BTS: Proof and Yet To Come gave BTS the opportunity to meet K-ARMY again, in addition to the musical show that fans enjoyed, they also received unique gifts from K-Pop singers.

BTS’s new album is out now! With this came many surprises and emotions, but one of the most anticipated is that we will see this group again performing at musical shows of South Koreajust as they did in many other of their comebacks.

The pre-recording of Music Bank was held recently, the K-Pop idols arrived in advance to prepare for their performance and at the same time ARMY He began to wait patiently and excitedly for his entrance to the TV studio.

What no one expected is that in addition to the experience they were about to live, the fans of BTS who were present at the presentation of Yet To Come they would take some gifts surprises.

ARMY got very special gifts from BTS that sparked the envy of the fandom

With great joy, the lucky fans who enjoyed the filming of Music Bank showed off on social media a collection of gifts that were prepared especially for ARMY as a thank you from the band of k pop.

Fan gifts included personalized cookies, BTS coffee, a bouquet of roses, lip balm, and hand cream. WOW!

BTS gets compliments on high quality gifts for ARMY

Although every fan would love to receive a gift from the boys of BTS, the choice of items was even more surprising, because while there were very cute details such as decorated cookies, there were also other very surprising items.

Fans were surprised to see that the hand cream and lip balm are from the Officine Universelle Buly brand, so it seems like a pretty generous touch.

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