BTS Triumphs at The 2022 MTV Miaw Awards, in Which Categories Did it Win? 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The new edition of the MTV Miaw Awards held in Mexico celebrated the artists with the greatest impact and that is why BTS could not be left out of the gala, the K-Pop band dominated two of the categories.

The television channel MTV performs award ceremonies and musical events around the world, within Mexico, the Miaw Awards have been held for several years bringing together singers, actors and influencers in the same show, but it also recognizes the impact of the most popular stars.

As it was expected, BTS was present in several categories and, with the support of ARMY K-Pop idols were victorious, so the fandom and the group are starting the week with new achievements.

But what were the awards that BTS won this year? Here we tell you all the details about the awards for this group idol.

BTS won two categories at MTV Miaw Mexico 2022 for its popularity

The category specializing in South Korean groups within the MTV Miaw 2022 carried the name K-Pop Domain and BTS received the reward in it, being only the first of his two awards of the night.

The performers of Butter also won an award for their collaboration with Coldplaywell My Universe was named Global Hit Of The Year. WOW!

ARMY celebrated the BTS awards obtained at MTV Miaw 2022

As soon as the awards gala unveiled the two achievements of Bangtan Sonyeondan For this annual event, ARMY’s joy was present on social networks, as the group’s admirers shared the achievement and showed their pride in the success obtained.

So congratulations to BTS for two new awards that join the recognition throughout their career and also congratulations to the fans for their work and dedication.

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