BTS Was Criticized By A Journalist After His Meeting With Joe Biden

BTS fans couldn’t help but express their disgust upon hearing newscaster Tucker Carlson talk about BTS’ recent visit to the White House. On his show, the journalist gave his opinion about inviting the South Korean group to talk about hate crimes.

BTS was presented at the White House on May 31 to discuss the importance of Asian representation and the hate crimes received towards the community in the framework of Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. His visit caused great emotion among ARMY, as it became a historic moment.

Many media began to congratulate the South Korean group that has become one of the most important groups of the moment, in addition to having a great influence among all kinds of generations. Idols have proven that the power of music can remove all kinds of barriers.

However, although most people welcomed the group’s visit to the White House, a specific journalist did not hesitate to make comments that did not make ARMY in the least happy and put him in the sights of fans of BTS.

Tucker Carlson spoke about BTS in the White House and made ARMY angry

Newscaster Tucker Carlson also wanted to talk about BTS’ visit to the White House. However, the journalist did not have a good opinion about it, which provoked the fury of the fandom.

On his show, Tucker Carlson, who is a journalist known for sarcastically criticizing politics, complained about Joe Biden’s decision to invite BTS to the White House. Although he was not explicit with his words, the journalist spoke with a sarcastic tone. The comment that bothered ARMY the most was the following:

Yes, we have a Korean pop group to discuss anti-Asian hate crimes in America. Okay, good job, guys.

Although his comment might sound good in another context, by separating and emphasizing each of the words and the sarcastic tone he used, he made it clear to ARMY that the reporter did not want to give a nice message to the group.

ARMY filled social networks with messages of anger at Tucker Carlson’s racist comments

BTS fans emphasized that Tucker Carlson’s comment could be a clear racist comment, assuming that BTS is not an appropriate group to talk about the issue of hate crimes against the Asian community. For many, it was ironic that the same presenter was making a racist comment on the subject.

Both celebrities and the media have commented on the serious mistake that Tucker Carlson made by directly attacking BTS, as everyone is aware that ARMY will do anything to defend the name of the group.

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