BTS Will Be At &Audition The Howling, Schedules and How to Watch The Show 2022 #Celebrity

BTS will meet with the contestants of the show who dream of becoming idols, we tell you what we will see in the next episode of &Audition The Howling, as well as where and when to watch the show.

Over time, BTS has not only gained recognition and popularity around the world, but also experience and a new vision of their work as idols. That’s why now besides being amazing artists, they can also guide others who are following their path in music.

Coming soon, HYBE will debut a new japanese group and that’s why he started broadcasting the program &Audition The Howlingwhich is currently underway and lets us meet the competitors who want to debut.

For the next episode, BTS will be as a guest and will see in detail the presentations of the participants, here we tell you what you should know about the program and the participation of the K-Pop idols.

BTS at &Audition The Howling: What will happen in episode 6 of the show?

The interpreters of dynamite will make an appearance in Chapter 6 of &Audition The Howling, surprising the participants. If you are wondering what we will see from BTS in this chapter, we must start by pointing out that, apparently, the contestants will perform melodies from this group. WOW!

The 7-member group under the label of BigHit, give them comments and advice that will be of great help to future singers. YAY!

Schedules and where to see the episode of BTS in &Audition The Howling

The chapter will be available through the YouTube channel HYBE LABELSso watching it will be very simple and you will be able to access it without the need for a new application or other requirements, but when does the episode of &Audition The Howling where BTS will be come out?

10:30 PM Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador

11:30 PM Mexico, Colombia, Panama, Peru, Ecuador

12:30 AM Cuba, Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Dominican Republic

01:30 AM Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina

06:30 AM Spain

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