BTS Will Officially Start The Activities of Proof, Their Comeback

BTS: ARMY has enjoyed many previous releases that excite us for Proof, after their trip to the United States, the idols are preparing the last details to premiere their comeback and start promotions.

BTS members get ready to present their long-awaited album and it will be even more special because it will come at a time of celebration for the group. The compilation record material entitled Proof, will be released on June 10, 2022, but the boys are already preparing the last details for that long-awaited moment.

Before this happens, the K-Pop idols surprised their fans with a trip to the United States that allowed them to visit the White House and talk with President Joe Biden, but after this feat the group’s plans continue.

Now BTS will return to South Korea and what is about to happen will give an extra dose of joy to your fandom, what is it about?

Proof era begins and BTS has big plans for promotions

Recently, Korean media reported that BTS would return to South Korea to prepare the final details before their departure. come back with proof And not only that, but they also have a busy schedule ahead of them to promote their comeback.

Apparently, on June 10th there will be some promotions inside Korea after the premiere, but the group of BigHit will also have international promotions for this album.

BTS leaves the United States but the idols will not be together

Likewise, it was revealed that although the interpreters of dynamite will travel to South Korea to continue their musical projects, they will take separate flights, although they will still land the same day at Incheon airport.

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