BTS Will Show You Their Hobbies in New Vlogs of Each Member 2022 #Celebrity

Take a look at what each of the BTS members does on a lazy day, we tell you when each vlog will premiere, what each idol in the group will do in their clip, and what the release times are.

The members of BTS are focused on activities related to their solo albums and more projects, but they know that you miss seeing them frequently on videos from YouTube and that’s why they prepared this surprise for you in advance.

From the anniversary day of ARMYthe idols of K-Pop will be premiering new vlog where each one will show you an activity that they really enjoy, the videos will be released weekly on the BANGTANTV channel and each one will be different from the previous one.

So if you don’t want to miss any of them, here we tell you what dates Y Schedule each one is released, but you will also discover in what order we will see the members of bts and what activity each one will do.

What will we see in each BTS vlog and when do the videos come out?

The clips will be released every Saturday morning, there are seven videos in total, each one will show us the activities of one of the BTS members so each one chose the activity they want to show to ARMY. You can see the details about the premiere order and what we will see in each clip below:

  • July 9 – Taehyung: Driving Vlog
  • July 16 – J-Hope: Vlog with album preparations
  • July 23 – Jimin: Vlog with bracelet workshop and ASMR
  • July 30 – RM: Museums Vlog
  • August 6 – Jungkook: Camping Vlog
  • August 13 – Jin: Cooking Vlog
  • August 20 – Suga: Woodworking Vlog

BTS: What time do the group’s weekly vlogs premiere?

On every Saturday where idols release a vlog, Schedule will be the following:

  • 04:07 AM Costa Rica, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador
  • 05:07 AM Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador
  • 06:07 AM Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Bolivia, Chile, Cuba Paraguay
  • 07:07 AM Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay
  • 12:07 PM Spain

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