BTS Would Have 8 Members, Who is Kim Ji Hun and Why Didn’t He Debut? 2022 #celebrity

BTS: Do you know the story of how BTS was formed? The members of the group joined the project one by one, but there were also trainees who failed to debut as part of the band, Kim Ji Hun was about to become the eighth member of the group and here we tell you what happened.

Like every K-Pop agency, BigHit was in charge of gathering trainees and give them the tools to prepare dreaming of the day of their debut. That happened while the company was working on what we now know as BTS so all seven idols we see on stage weren’t the only ones chasing a dream.

As you surely already know, RM he was the first member of BTS to join BigHit and there he met other trainees, but almost all of them left the agency and new talents began to arrive and among them were of course the other six members of the group.

But actually, the group was going to debut with eight members, so besides Jimin, Jungkook, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, V, and RM there was someone else. Who was the eighth member of BTS? This is Kim Ji Hun and here you will know a little about him.

Kim Ji Hun would debut with BTS, this is his story as a BigHit trainee

During some interviews that this boy has given, he confessed that since he was a child he loved to dance and sing, but one day some talent scouts approached him and invited him to do a hearing. She was very happy to have this opportunity and even more so when he learned that he passed the test on the first try.

Kim Ji Hun was apprentice of BigHit for more than a year, he moved into the dormitory with the boys of BTS and trained with dedication. They became close and worked as a team, but one day everything changed.

Why didn’t Kim Ji Hun debut in BTS? His departure from the project group

Despite the fact that he trained very hard with the K-Pop idols, he said that on one occasion he was called for a meeting with the administrative staff and knew that it was something serious, so he went to the meeting with concern.

It was then that he was informed that he would no longer be part of the group and for that reason, Kim Ji Hun did not manage to debut within BTS, he confessed that it was a difficult stage, especially because he could see his friends, but little by little he found a new direction for your life.

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