BTS’s Jin Pretends to Scold Suga for Looking Skinny in His Photos 2022 #Celebrity

While some BTS members are working during the break from group activities, others have decided to go on vacation. Suga is one of the members currently hanging out with her family, and Jin took the opportunity to leave comments on her Instagram posts.

Suga of BTS is currently on vacation with his family and has shared several Photos of your journey on social networks. Jin He took the opportunity to comment on his photographs and joke around with him a bit.

Although they are not currently together, the members of BTS they seek to remain present in the lives and achievements of their peers. So they take advantage of their networks to comment among themselves about their most recent projects and adventures.

For that reason, fans were not surprised to see Jin comment on the photos of the trip Sugacompletely loving their cute interaction, even though Jin was scolding to Suga.

Jin worried about Suga seeing him so thin and left a message in his photos

For the past few days, BTS’ Suga has been very active on social media. The idol is on vacation with his family and is sharing many photos on Instagram. Situation that his groupmates have not missed to leave comments on their networks.

Especially Jin, who when seeing the most recent photos of Suga, did not hesitate to leave a couple of comments about it. In her message, Jin asked Suga why she looks so thin and assured him that deposited money to go get something to eat. In response, Suga told him that he checked his bank account and there was no deposit. To which Jin couldn’t help but reply with an apology.

ARMY could not help but laugh at the interaction of Suga and Jin in networks

For fans of both members of BTS, the interaction they had was very funny and tender. Although some expressed concern about Suga’s skinnyness, others were charmed by the way Jin and Suga joke around with each other. Without a doubt, more than one fan wanted to deposit Suga so that she could enjoy some delicious food. What did you think of their interaction?

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