BTS’s Jin showed off his talent by cooking in his new vlog 2022 #celebrity

The next BTS member to share a special vlog was Jin. The worldwide handsome decided to challenge himself and show ARMY his culinary skills, accompanied by chef Lee Yeonbok, the singer enjoyed a cooking class. What happened in his vlog?

Jin of BTS starred in the new vlog from BANGTANTV. In this video, the singer decided to take a cooking class with his friend, chef Lee Yeonbok. Demonstrating to his fans his great talent for cooking.

The members of BTS They are never afraid to try new things and this time, it was Jin who decided to challenge himself and attend a cooking class, where he not only showed a natural talent, but also brought his love for BTS and ARMY.

Jin met up with his friend chef Lee Yeonbok for a cooking class.

For BANGTAN TV’s new vlog, BTS’s Jin starred in the show while attending a cooking class with close friend Mr. Chef Lee Yeonbok. Although the idol felt a bit nervous about the class, he showed ARMY what he is made of.

During the show, Jin told the viewers that he became good friends with the chef. lee yeonbokdespite their age difference. She visits him constantly and they go out for dinner and drinks together. She also added that she visits him as her grandson. On the other hand, chef Lee Yeonbok mentioned that BTS’s Jin always brings him gifts whenever he can. He has even given her gifts like packets of strawberries and jars of honey.

Throughout the program, Jin was attentive to the cooking class, especially when the chef mentioned that he would have to do everything himself and would only give him directions. The saucer to cook were some delicious fried shrimp croquettes, which gave them a very special shape.

At one point on the show, Jin decided to stick his finger in the hot cooking oil and ended up getting burned. Chef Lee Yeonbok mentioned that it was the first time he had seen someone touch hot oil with their finger, so Jin couldn’t help but joke that BTS was always the first to do everything, even sticking their finger in the boiling oil. .

Jin from BTS made a special dish with the logo of BTS and ARMY

To end, Jin showed how he cooked a saucer that could form logo of BTS and the ARMY logo, showing that he always has the group and his fans in mind at all times, rejoicing the hearts of his followers, who could not stop sharing their dish on networks. What did you like the most about Jin’s new vlog?

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