BTS’s Jin Shows Off His Group Tattoo With Photos On The Beach 2022 #Celebrity

BTS’s Jin: This morning ARMY was completely surprised to see the most recent photos that BTS Jin posted on Instagram. Not only because of how beautiful the beach that the idol visited looked, but also because in one of his photographs the worldwide handsome did not hesitate to enjoy the sun on the beach and take off his shirt, revealing his tattoo of friendship.

Jin of BTS took advantage of the group’s break to go on vacation to the beach and took multiple photos that excited and surprised ARMY, especially his shirtless photography. In which, you can perfectly see his friendship tattoo. A number 7 that is very significant for all of BTS.

Previously, the members of BTS had revealed that they planned to get the same tattoo together, this as a tribute to their friendship, which has lasted more than 10 years. Although due to their agendas they did not manage to attend the tattoo studio together, they have gradually revealed where their number seven is.

The last members to reveal that they got their tattoo were Jungkook and Taehyung. However, although Jungkook had revealed the position of the tattoo that Jin had gotten, ARMY had not been able to see it until now.

Jin is on the beach and the photos of his back revealed his friendship tattoo

One of the BTS members who is enjoying his break is Jin, who recently posted photos on his Instagram that reveal that he is vacationing at the beach. In a series of several photos, the worldwide handsome is seen enjoying the beauty of the beach he is on, from rocky areas to near sand.

But the photographs that most caught the attention of ARMY were in which the idol appears shirtless, nonchalantly showing his back. Many fans were quite excited, especially since on the left side of his back you can see, albeit small, the number 7 who tattooed as friendship symbol with BTS.

Many fans knew the location of the tattoo because Jungkook revealed it on a live broadcast, however, this is the first time ARMY got to see Jin’s tattoo. Without a doubt, it looks like the idol had a nice vacation.

Which members of BTS have their friendship tattoo and where?

Only 6 of the 7 members of BTS have their friendship tattoo. One of the first to reveal his was RM, who did it on her foot, another member who also tattooed his seven on his ankle was J-Hope. In Jimin’s case, she has her friendship tattoo on the index finger of her left hand. Taehyung has his tattoo on his arm, in the middle of his iconic polka dots that he uses as eyes for the elephant he makes on his arm.

Jungkook tattooed his number 7 behind his ear. Lastly, Jin showed her tattoo on her back, under her ribs. The only member who has not yet revealed the location of her number 7 is Suga, it is unknown if she already got the tattoo or where on her body she has it.

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