BTS’s RM Debuts His First Tattoo, What Does it Mean And What is it Like?

BTS’s RM: The BTS leader joins the list of K-Pop band members who have at least one tattoo, the BTS idol shared some photos of what his tattoo looks like and here we tell you the details. What figure did RM choose for this trace?

For a long time, the idols of BTS have excited their fans with the transformations of their look, not only by painting or cutting their hair but also with piercings and tattoos. Although several members have various tattoos, RM it had remained without any of them, but now that has changed.

The surprises of the last few hours have been many, BTS released a new album called proof an MV for Yet To Come and as if that were not enough, we have photos of the first tattoo of namjoon.

But, what did this K-Pop idol get tattooed, where did he decide to place it and what secrets does this line hide on his skin? Read on and take a look at both the photos and the theories.

How is RM’s new tattoo? The leader of BTS shows it off in photos

RM’s tattoo is on the inside of his right ankle, it is a number 7 with a thin stroke, as if it were a digit delicately written with a brush.

The idol shared two photos of how he looks and caused great excitement in the BTS fandom, thus increasing the joy in the midst of the comeback with Proof.

What does RM’s tattoo mean? BTS could have a group tattoo

The design of this number 7 has lent itself to different interpretations, by itself it is a very significant digit for idols because the members of BTS are just seven, but there is an ARMY theory that would explain the style of the stroke.

Some think that it is no coincidence that this particular 7 can be confused with a 1, since it would mean that even if they are 7 members, their union makes them a whole.

Also, although only Namjoon has shown a photo of this tattoo, many fans think that it is probably the group tattoo that the idols had mentioned having plans, do you think so?

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