BTS’s RM Returned to Korea And Hung Out with ARMY at The Airport 2022 #Celebrity

BTS: The members of Bangtan Sonyeondan have started working on their solo schedules. Recently, RM was seen at the Incheon International Airport after returning from Europe after completing his schedule abroad. During his return, fans and press gathered to welcome him to his home country.

With a casual and carefree look, RM by BTS Return finally to South Korea After traveling for a couple of days Europe and complete your agenda abroad. At the airport, he was greeted by fans and reporters.

Wearing a blue shirt and military green pants, RM arrived in South Korea alone after his trip in Europe, carrying a suitcase with him and walking nonchalantly through the airport. He soon gathered a group of people around him who, recognizing him, wanted to take pictures of him and ask questions about his new projects.

RM had a moment with his fans at the airport upon returning to Korea

After completing his schedule abroad, BTS’s RM has finally returned to his home country of South Korea. To the idol’s surprise, at the airport there were various media and fans waiting for him to return.

Despite not having security, the idol nonchalantly walked past reporters and fans, who were taking pictures of the BTS leader and asking a few questions about his activities. Accompanied only by his manager, RM was quick to greet fans and smile at them, buoyed up despite his exhausting journey. You can see the video in which he lived with his fans here:

RM will start working on his solo projects after completing his schedule.

Some Korean media have reported that BTS’s RM will take advantage of the fact that his overseas schedule is over to start focusing on his individual activities, especially his solo music projects. Although Big Hit has not made any statement so far, fans are excited to know how the BTS leader will surprise his followers, excited about the idol’s new projects.

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