BTS’s Taehyung Shared One of His Big Dreams With The Wooga Squad 2022 #celebrity

In addition to music, photography and fashion, Taehyung has very diverse interests and plans that although he has envisioned, he still can’t bring them to life. The BTS member told his friends from the Wooga Squad what he would like to do to rest and get out of the routine.

The episodes of In The Soop: Friendcation continue, so far they have given us several hours of entertainment and fun moments where we get to know more about the friendship that exists between Park Seo Jun, Park Hyung SikChoi Woo Shik, V of BTS and Peakboy.

As part of the chapters, we have also delved into their conversations and, while they are traveling by car, it is the perfect time to discover what their coexistence is like and the talks they have.

Previously on In The Soop: Friendcation, the Wooga Squad talked about things that they would like to do at some point in their life but have not been possible yet, it was then that V surprised with a confession.

BTS’s V wants to live abroad for a while

The singer of K-Pop told his friends who were traveling with him that one of the experiences he would like to experience is to live in another country, Park Seo Joon agreed that this would be a great plan and that he would also like to do that but where would V want to move to?

taehyung he didn’t pick a particular country, but he explained that he would be interested in going to a place where there was a lot of amazing nature, so he would probably be fascinated by various nations.

ARMY gives V ideas to make his dream come true

As soon as the BTS member shared that idea and the episode aired, many fans of the BTS group k pop They began to mention on social networks which countries would be ideal for V to fulfill this dream.

Above all, ARMY He listed all the spaces with nature that the idol could find if he goes to the countries where they do well. HA! Very good strategy, don’t you think?

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