BTS’s V Got a Perm, Changed The Look of His Hair

BTS’s V: ARMY is very excited after seeing the latest Instagram stories shared by BTS’s Taehyung. The idol took a selfie in a mirror while he was at the beauty salon and the mysterious new look he will have has the entire fandom going crazy. What did Taehyung do to his hair?

It’s been a while since the last time V of BTS surprised ARMY with some new style in his hair. So the most recent pictures of the idol in Instagram They completely moved the entire fandom. where it seems to be ready for change your look.

ARMY can’t wait to see the result of Taehyung’s new look change, who drove the entire fandom crazy with a single photo he shared in his Instagram stories, starting all kinds of theories about the new style that the idol is going to use.

For this comeback, most of the members opted for dark, more reserved hair colors. However, Taehyung is ready to ditch the straight black color and get a new look.

Taehyung got a perm and shared the process on Instagram

Through his Instagram account, Taehyung shared a new photograph in his stories, which as soon as it was released excited the entire fandom, becoming a trend a few minutes after sharing it and with good reason, since the idol announced that he is doing a makeover.

In the photo, Taehyung can be seen in an aesthetic with tubes and cables in his hair, as well as using a fun mustache filter that quickly caught the attention of his fans. Praising that the mustache suits the idol very well.

So far, Taehyung has not revealed the result of his new hair treatment. However, she has shared slight hints through Instagram and Weverse that make the fandom suspicious about her new style.

Fans Suspect V Might Go Back To Wavy Hair Because Of His Stories

After sharing the photo from aesthetics, Taehyung shared the video of a pianist with wavy blonde hair. Although fans asked him a few minutes later through Weverse if he had styled his hair that way, the idol only shared that he liked that video a lot, keeping his new style a mystery. Without a doubt, fans can’t wait to see the result. Do you think he dyed his hair?

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