BTS’s V Returned To Seoul Earlier For Broker’s VIP Premiere

BTS’s V:  Bangtan Sonyeondan members always show their support for colleagues and friends in every possible way. One of them is celebrating each of their projects. Like V, who rushed back to South Korea just in time to support his friend Kang Dong Won’s latest project, the movie Broker.

V of BTS attended the premiere VIP of the movie broker. The idol returned to South Korea earlier in order to attend the event. At this place, Taehyung met his close friend, actor Kang Dong Won, one of the leads in the film.

ARMYs love to see how BTS members interact and make friends with other celebrities. For that reason, seeing that Taehyung attended the VIP premiere of Broker made his fans very excited. Who knew that the idol had just returned from the United States of America.

Although he returned from a long flight and likely jet lagged, the idol went straight to a beauty salon to get a haircut. After that, he headed to his friend Kang Dong Won’s movie premiere.

Taehyung met Kang Dong Won at Broker’s VIP premiere

Despite the long plane ride he had, BTS’s Taehyung returned to South Korea with all the spirit in the world. The idol went straight to the premiere VIP from the movie Broker, in which his friend appears Kang Dong-won. Wearing an elegant look of black pants and shirt, plus a jacket with a dot pattern, V looked on the red carpet before entering the theater for the big premiere.

It was there that shortly after he met actor Kang Dong Won, who is one of the main characters in this new film that received good reviews at its premiere at the 2022 Cannes Film Festival. In a photo shared by a fan who attended the premiere, V and Kang Dong Won appear happily posing.

On the other hand, a few minutes ago V shared a story through Instagram with his friend Kang Dong Won. Chatting before the start of the movie Broker. In the same Instagram stories, the idol shared photos of the actor inside the movie theater and later the screen was completely black.

What is Broker about? The movie V went to see at his VIP premiere

Broker is a film about two men who have a business where they receive ‘abandoned’ babies through a mailbox and then find a family that wants to adopt them. The film gets complicated when a mother who abandons her child returns shortly after to accompany both men on their journey to find a home for the baby and is joined on her journey by an orphaned child. Soon the four of them and the baby begin to have a special relationship, like a family. What they don’t know is that two detectives are closely following their steps to stop this illegal business.

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