Butter Curiosities That Every ARMY Should Know 2022 #Celebrity

Surely you already know the lyrics of Butter by heart or perhaps you recognize any moment during the music video, today you will be able to learn curiosities about this BTS song that include from funny confessions to data that reveal its success.

Before returning with his long-awaited album proof BTS presented several singles in English that conquered fans around the world and even those who did not consider themselves fans ended up humming the melodies of these idols.

After dynamite and before that Permission to Dance we met butter a song that according to the members of the K-Pop group, is a confession of love with which they seek to melt hearts.

The idols of BTS and his staff showed their creativity through the music video, but also in very diverse presentations and surprises behind this melody, that’s why here we tell you some curiosities behind Butter that you may not have known.

Interesting facts about BTS in Butter’s MV and performances

  • This is one of the songs that has been presented in more international programs and events, performances were made for the Billboard Music Awards 2021, The Late Show, Good Morning America, Sirius XM and of course the Grammy awards 2022.
  • In the music video the idols form the word ARMY and this was one of the favorite moments of the fans, but this was not the first time that they made this figure, because in their debut period they took a photo with the same poses.
  • A detail that caught a lot of attention was the numbers that the idols wore when in a part of the MV you hold signs as if they were being arrested. A lot of theories arose and some numbers coincide with important dates for the group, Suga Y Jin they confessed that they chose the first ones that occurred to them.
  • Also in the music video, V he does a step where he simulates putting on perfume and many fans were able to recognize him because some time ago he had already done it in front of the cameras, on one occasion he did it while dancing to the rhythm of Pick Me in an lOI presentation
  • One of the most complicated Butter presentations for BTS was the one they performed at the 2022 GRAMMYs. Since several members had fallen ill and then Jin underwent surgery, they were unable to practice the choreography together until they were in the United States. that the final performance was practiced on a few occasions.
  • Butter’s single album was released in two versions, one yellow and one orange, but do you know how many versions and remixes there are of the song? Cooler and Sweeter Remix, then the collaboration with Megan Thee Stallioncontinuing with Butter Holiday Remix.
  • The singer Usher is mentioned by V in the lyrics, but did you notice the reference that the idol makes to one of the songs of this artist? taehyung makes a play on words by taking up the title of the song U Got It Bad, which was released in 2001.

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