Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork Delayed

Cardano of the much anticipated Vasil hard forkThere is another delay. At the Cardano 360 event, Kevin Hammond, IOG’s executives, said there would be a few more weeks of delay. The reason for the delay is to do more tests.


A Few More Weeks Required for Cardano’s Vasil Hard Fork

Cardano Vasil hard forkA change was made to the timeline of June. With this change, the scheduled date was the last week of July. It was stated that after the testnet hard fork on July 3, exchanges and SPOs need at least four more weeks to test. This brought delay.

Speaking on the subject, IOG Technical Manager Kevin Hammond said:

The reason for this delay is to do more testing and ensure a smooth process. Reactions to the delay were also mixed.

One user tweeted that it was a bit of a disappointment. On the other hand, he stressed that a few weeks’ delay is nothing when looking at the big picture. IOG announced in its weekly evaluation report last week that it is working on a new node v.1.35.2. This release aims to fix bugs in previous node versions.

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