Cardi B Chooses Her BTS Bias, Who is Her Favorite Member? 2022 #Celebrity

Cardi B: BTS songs are never missing from Cardi B‘s playlist, while interacting with fans, the American artist confessed if she has a favorite member within the band whom she considers her bias.

Each of BTS’ music releases has made fans dance and sing from all over the world, but on more than one occasion we have witnessed other singers and celebrities also show their support for the group. K-Pop.

Some use songs from BTS in their Insta-stories, they talk about their desire to collaborate with the band or we simply see them very animated while they witness a presentation of the group of HYBE in an international award.

Cardi-B has mentioned the idols who interpret dynamite on several occasions, but now even his fans ask him about these guys, this is what happened.

Cardi B chooses her favorite BTS and shows a photo of the idol to her fans

Recently, the American singer held a question and answer session through her Twitter account, so using the hashtag #AskCardi, an app user asked her who her bias/favorite was within the K-Pop band.

She didn’t say a single word, but she responded by posting a picture of a BTS member, can you imagine who it is? It is Jimin! The tweet received many likes from users who were following the singer’s updates and of course, also from ARMY.

Cardi B is a fan of BTS, she and her daughter declared themselves ARMYs

This is not the first time that Cardi B talks about how BTS is now part of her life, as she had previously confessed that she liked the music of idols a lot and listened to their songs with her daughter.

In fact, the singer confessed that her little girl often asks her to play her favorite songs from the K-Pop band over and over again, so both have become ARMYs.

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