Cast Will Have A Reward Vacation 2022 #Celebrity

The drama of the moment is Extraordinary Attorney Woo, a story about a lawyer on the autism spectrum who loves the law and is willing to prove that she can be a great lawyer. After the great success that she has had, the production company plans to give a reward vacation to the director, cast and staff members who made this work possible. Where will they travel?

Extraordinary Attorney Woo It is one of the most popular dramas of the moment and its success has been so great that the entire drama team will have some reward vacation confessed the production company.

If you are a fan of Korean dramas, surely you have already heard or are watching Extraordinary Attorney Wooan interesting story about a lawyer on the autism spectrum who must solve all kinds of cases for the firm where she works.

The success of this story has been so great that it has even received offers to do remakes in other countries and one of the main interested parties is the United States. For that reason, it is planned to reward the series team.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo’s Team Will Receive Reward Holidays

A representative of Studio Genie Y ENA confirmed that a reward vacation is in the works for the cast, staff, writer, and director of Extraordinary Attorney Woo, due to the huge success the series has had since its launch.

Since the idea is that the entire team that made it possible for Extraordinary Attorney Woo to go on vacation together, choosing an exact date and place has been a bit complicated, since it is necessary that all the agendas coincide in order to go on that trip together.

However, this one is planned to be a great reward for the entire series team and without a doubt, it will be a vacation that the entire team will not forget after all the effort they put into bringing the popular series to life. Where do you think they travel to?

Is the Extraordinary Attorney Woo team going on vacation next month?

On the other hand, when ENA representatives were asked if the rumors that the cast would travel to Bali together with the director next month were part of the reward vacation, The company replied that it was a personal plan between the director and some actors in the cast who have time slots available. But that the location or schedules for both vacations have been confirmed. Without a doubt, it is a great reward for one of the most popular dramas of the moment.

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