Chaeyoung and Lil Cherry Show Off Their Friendship by Dancing GGOOM 2022 #Celebrity

The members of TWICE have many friends and are always looking for a moment to hang out with them. This was demonstrated by Chaeyoung in the most recent video that rapper Lil Cherry shared, in which she both danced to one of the artist’s songs. Which Lil Cherry song did you dance to?

Chae-Young TWICE met with the rapper Lil Cherry to hang out for a while and spend pleasant moments. At their meeting, they took the opportunity to record a video in which both appear dancing to one of the rapper’s songs.

ONCE is delighted with TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s new video. In it, you can see the member enjoying herself with one of her friends, dancing to one of Lil Cherry’s songs. These types of interactions are fan favorites because they show another side of their idols.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Lil Cherry recorded a video while dancing to GGOOM

TWICE’s Chaeyoung appeared in a video along with the popular rapper Lil Cherry, in which they danced GGOOM, one of the rapper’s songs. This video was quickly filled with comments from fans who totally loved it.

In the video can be seen at Lil Cherry Y chae-young in a room with traditional Asian decor. In turn, both dress in a casual and relaxed manner and begin to dance while twirling around the room with enthusiasm. Finally, the video ends with a hug between both celebrities, demonstrating their great friendship. You can watch the video here:

What projects does TWICE’s Chaeyoung have right now?

Chaeyoung is currently working with TWICE for their comeback album. BETWEEN 1&2, which plans to premiere on August 26 this year. A comeback that many fans are anticipating, shortly after the nine members renewed their contract with JYP Entertainment. Are you also looking forward to this comeback?

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