Chanyeol Sends Food Truck To DO on The Set of Battle of True Swords 2022 #celebrity

Chanyeol: Despite being in the military, Chanyeol doesn’t miss an opportunity to show his love for the EXO members who are currently working individually. For that reason, he decided to surprise DO on the set of his new drama with a gift that not only Kyungsoo could enjoy, but also the entire Battle of True Swords team.

Chanyeol Sended a coffee and churros truck to the Battle of True Swords recording set to support the new project of DOdrama in which the young singer and actor will appear.

EXO-Ls were excited to see the recent news from DO and Chanyeol, as the latter sent Kyungsoo a special gift to support his acting career in his latest project. The interactions between the two idols excited their fans who are patiently waiting for EXO’s return.

Although he is currently completing his military service, Chanyeol sought to show his support for Kyungsoo in the best possible way. Action that she touched the entire fandom, because they can not wait to see them interact again as soon as he leaves the army.

Chanyeol sent DO a coffee and churros food truck to the set of Battle of True Swords

To support DO in his new project, Chanyeol Sended a food truck to the film set of Battle of True Swords, the new drama in which DO will appear. In the truck, different drinks such as coffee and churros, as well as all kinds of juices, could be ordered.

At the food truck, Chanyeol sent tender messages to his fellow group member, including: ‘Kyungsoo, fighting! To all the cast and crew who are working hard in this hot weather, please enjoy and take care of Kyungsoo.’ He also wrote, ‘I’m rooting for the entire cast and crew of Battle of True Swords.’

On the other hand, the owners and employees of Yoontruck, the company in charge of shipping the cart, wrote on Instagram about their interaction with EXO’s DO. Since they had met previously, DO was kind to recognize them and praised them by mentioning that the food cart had changed. She also thanked them for being there and asked if they had eaten yet. Employees mentioned that whenever their gaze met Kyungsoo’s, the idol smiled at them and gave them a slight bow.

Similarly, they added that Kyungsoo asked for a fine ice sikhye and churros to eat. The company did not stop praising Kyungsoo for his amiabilitydespite being so busy at work.

When will Chanyeol’s military service end? The idol will be back soon

EXO’s Chanyeol is expected to be discharged from the military in September this year. The rapper has shown exemplary behavior and held various positions during his active duty. In addition to being one of the fastest Koreans to attain the rank of Sergeant Major. Without a doubt, his fans can’t wait any longer for his return. Are you counting down the days for Chanyeol to come back?

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