Chanyeol’s Solo Debut, Everything You Need To Know About His Album 2022 #Celebrity

Chanyeol: Many fans are eagerly awaiting EXO’s Chanyeol’s return from military service. Not only to be able to see the charismatic idol again, but also because they want to hear his debut as a solo artist, an album that both fans and K-Pop lovers have been anticipating. What is known about his album so far?

debut as soloist of chanyeol of exo It has drawn a lot of attention on social media. Although the idol is currently completing his military service, fans hope that as soon as he is discharged from the army, his solo album.

An EXO fan shared her story through Twitter, in which she confirmed that she met Chanyeol at a restaurant and gave him her autograph. She later revealed that he would be releasing his solo album upon completion of his military service.

This tweet soon became a trend with thousands of responses on both Twitter and Weibo, where the hashtag #YEOLOiscoming dominated all search lists, demonstrating the great popularity of the idol.

Chanyeol might release his solo album as soon as he gets out of the army, fan reveals

The hashtag #YEOLOiscoming recently trended after a fan revealed she ran into chanyeol of exo in a restaurant and after giving him an autograph, he confessed that his solo debut he would be released as soon as he got out of the army. The news exploded on the networks and thousands of fans replied, excited for Chanyeol’s long-awaited solo album, which has been expected since before the boy joined the service.

Seeing all the attention her tweet garnered, the user deleted it and apologized to fans, mentioning that she had actually taken the story of the fan who attended Chanyeol’s musical to prank her friends.

However, this confession did not relax the emotion of EXO-L, because although the tweet that made a trend on solo album It was not true about Chanyeol, it was a fact that the idol mentioned during his musical that he was preparing an album and that it would be released when he was discharged from the military, which will happen in September of this year.

As the wait continues, EXO-L have undoubtedly fulfilled their goal of making noise and showing SM Entertainment that they are eagerly awaiting Chanyeol’s return with great enthusiasm.

Chanyeol’s solo trended on Weibo, people outside the fandom want to buy it

On Weibo, the Chinese platform, news about EXO Chanyeol’s solo debut became a trend and no one could stop talking about it. Getting millions of tweet talking about it. A noteworthy fact is that even people who were not part of EXO-L showed interest in acquiring the album. Showing the great popularity that Chanyeol has in China.

Many users commented that Chanyeol’s music could easily be compared to a work of art and that they definitely consider it to be one of the most successful solo debuts in K-Pop history. We hope that SM will reveal more information about it soon.

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